Argenta Seeds BV

Since 2003 Argenta Seeds BV develops in close cooperation with different independent breeders for and with growers the most suitable varieties for Meditaranean climate zone.



Argenta Seeds offers all kind of rootstocks for tomato, pepper, cucumber, watermelon, melon, egg plant and squash. Special selections are made for cold and hot tolerance or for vigor and disease tolerances.
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Sweet corn

Argenta Seeds started in 2013 with successfull field trials new varieties from a very successful independent breeder in the USA. The varieties are especially bred for dry meditarenean conditions. With the focus on large, high quality productions in strong healthy plants.
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Bush beans

Also new in the Argenta Seeds assortment since 2014 are bush beans (Haricot Verts). Aiming for strong root systems, leading to the best combination in Earliness and strong, productive plants.
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